Our mission.

Our mission is to encourage people to see their relationships with water and the natural world more holistically. We want to foster dialogue and connect people to accessible stories, research, and resources, as well as to elevate perspectives on gender in water-related work.

We focus on 5 key areas.

focus areas 1.png

1. Exploring human-environment connections through water

focus areas 2.png

2. Highlighting gender in water

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3. Demystifying research

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4. Storytelling & knowledge mobilization

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5. Connecting people & resources


Water is unique. It pervades every ecosystem, is used to create almost every product in your day-to-day life, and its presence is foundational for every form of life on our planet.

We’ve created a rundown of some key concepts we use at Girls Gone Water that connect to our 5 Focus Areas.


It all starts with you

Yeah, you!

We want people to understand the importance of water in their everyday lives. By fostering conversation, sharing content, and educating friends and family, you build the foundation of our mission.