Guiding Principles



Knowledge in more hands means more people can be prepared to engage in valuing and protecting our water resources. We strive to make all content presented on our platform accessible to individuals across a diverse range of educational and cultural backgrounds.


Asking questions and being open to different ideas leads to learning. We believe that learning is an evolving process that has value in itself, but also equips us to challenge norms and come up with better solutions.


Aiming for diversity is important for social equity, and it also helps us understand the world. It gives us a greater variety of perspectives to build knowledge and improve our ability to find solutions to challenges. We will seek out different perspectives from people of different backgrounds.


We want people to recognize their connections to the environment accurately, especially in a post-truth era. We strive to create space for dialogue that’s honest, even if some conversations are challenging.


We recognize that our work is one piece of a much larger story and that other strategies and types of knowledge are extremely valuable. We expect to be humbled by others and the natural world.


Our community functions on a fundamental principle – that all people and living beings deserve respect. We believe it is okay to disagree and promote the use of healthy dialogue to explore and better understand the different perspectives involved in the world of water.