Dani Lindamood

co-founder, girls gone water

Her undergrad in California got her started, but an internship in West Africa had her hooked. Dani’s water pursuits have been far-reaching. It all began with a water resources class she took, which showed her how water is an important representation of the environmental and social sustainability issues facing our planet. From there, she went to The Gambia where she interned with a social enterprise aimed at enhancing water-based services and keeping ecosystems healthy. She then pursued her Master’s degree focusing on sustainable access to clean water and sanitation in India, as well as completing a certificate program in collaborative water management.

Dani leads an adventurous life and recently travelled to India, Antigua, and Hawaii. She is currently editing footage from her journeys in India, which she will soon be releasing as episodes on the Girls Gone Water platform. Dani is also working on a number of projects as a research associate at the University of Waterloo. The biggest is a project under the “Global Water Futures” frame, and includes a particular focus on water management in Canadian agriculture, as well as investigating factors that influence water in Canada to help us make better decisions.

My work helps me glimpse the positive pathways being lined by women and the sheer will for positive change... that exists

Getting people to care and recognize the positive things happening in the water world is one of the major challenges Dani sees in her work. This includes improving the visibility of really amazing, influential, and innovative work being done by women, particularly in a society where the media often tends to highlight male expertise and experience in the water sector. She’s excited to tackle these challenges, recognizing the many possible approaches to move people from apathy to awareness. She adds, “My work helps me glimpse the positive pathways being lined by women and the sheer will for positive change on environmental outcomes that exists.” Dani is excited and hopeful that Girls Gone Water can inspire others to add to those pathways and collaborate for a better future.

Published August 21, 2018