While water is a serious matter to us, we think humor, laughter, and fun all make the world a better place. We hope you enjoy a few water-related laughs scrolling through these comics, photos, thoughts, and videos!



Oh, Holy Cow

While taking in the sights and sounds above her, wandering the streets of Udaipur in Rajasthan, India, Dani felt her foot squish into something warm and unfamiliar. Yes - it was cow poop. Luckily there was a hand-pump well and a good friend nearby to get cleaned up, but suffice it to say it became a running joke throughout the rest of the trip. 

The water cycle according to children

These are educational comics strips from a classroom assignment about the water cycle, but they will absolutely tickle you with how adorable and funny they are! There's 9 different comic strips on the blog post so click the source button below to go check it out:




by Alec Fritz

For those with a darker sense of humor...



by James of No Trades


Comics Uniting Nations

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