Often times, we forget that everyone doesn't share the same vocabulary, so we're making an effort to get everyone on the same page through defining some of the concepts, words, and ideas we reference frequently on our platform.

If you want something defined and it's not listed here, let us know and we'll be happy to add it! 


  • Knowledge Mobilization (KMb)
    • Definition: "All the activities and products created that help your research be useful and used. [It is basically] knowledge to action." (definition from )  
    • Context: Knowledge mobilization is important in the water space because water problems are often very complex and require many different kinds of knowledge. The ability to understand different kinds of knowledge and turn it into action is a big focus for water practitioners right now.  
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  • Wastewater
    • Definition: Water that has been used in human processes
    • Context: Almost all manufacturing processes use water in some way, which produces wastewater, but wastewater also comes from our daily lives from our home water use. Wastewater is a big challenge and opportunity in the water space, including finding ways to reduce, reuse, and treat wastewater more effectively and efficiently. 
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